What is ChatInsight?

ChatInsight is an intelligent AI Chatbot you can train with your data and answer everything he knows about your knowledge across teams and more in the easiest way.

Upload Training Data as Knowledgebase
ChatInsight can efficiently train using your custom inputs. It will constantly adapt to any context, domain, and other relevant information to become much easier to answer and deliver accurate responses.
Custom Intent and Utterance Training
Enhance your chatbot's performance by creating custom different data training. Based on different user utterances, you can train the bot(s) continually to meet your business needs.

What can you build with ChatInsight?

  • IT Internal GitHub Base

    IT Internal GitHub Base

    Break knowledge silos and centralize corporate knowledge. Reduce IT training time and boost productivity with a dynamic IT knowledge hub.

  • Employee Onboarding Handbook

    Employee Onboarding Handbook

    Automate your internal support teams for new fresh employees with AI and free up your HR/IT teams to focus on growth.

  • Company Wiki

    Company Wiki

    Allow teams quickly ask for general company information like workplace policies, guidelines, workflows, and the code of conduct.

  • Help Center

    Help Center

    Provide faster response, professional answers to satisfy self-service which can integrate from web to app.

  • Marketing Conversational ChatBot

    Marketing Conversational ChatBot

    Easily understand what your customer wants while optimizing and customizing your services support according to their needs.

Benefits of Centralized Knowledge with ChatInsight

Complete Automation without Configuration

Complete Automation without Configuration

Unlike traditional rule/keyword-based systems, ChatInsight powered by ChatGPT can understand and respond intelligently to human-like interactions.

Scale up Support without Increasing Cost

Scale up Support without Increasing Cost

Reduce massive repeating questions support. A ChatInsight bot can handle millions of conversations and users.

Intelligently Support More than 30+ languages

Intelligently Support More than 30+ languages

No matter what language your training data is, Chatinsight can intelligently understand customer needs and answer in any language.

Try ChatInsight with your own knowledgebase data now

Get more done with no-code AI automation and save more time with no cost.
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