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The Best 6 Snapdrop Alternatives in 2023

Charudatta Updated on Nov 7, 2023 Filed to: File Transfer

The Snapdrop app is an exclusive tool to transfer files between devices irrespective of their working platform. If you are looking for a quick transfer from one gadget to another, the Snapdrop app plays a vital role. It has awesome features and assists users to move the files flawlessly without any data loss.

There are Snapdrop alternatives available in the online space with additional functionalities serving the requirements of the customers precisely. In this article, you will learn about the Snapdrop app and the best alternatives to aid in effortless file transfer between devices hassle-free.

file transfers

Part 1: How Does Snapdrop Work?

The Snapdrop program is a simple tool that allows users to transfer files from one device to another at a faster rate. Despite the file size, you can use the Snap drop app to carry out desired file transfers flawlessly. The procedure is embedded with high-end security features and the data are encrypted to ensure safe transfers.

The whole process takes place using WebRTC mode. It works with easy steps and follows up the below guidelines for precise file transfer between gadgets.

Step 1: You must open on both devices and launch it. Ensure both phones are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection for the data loss transfer process.

Step 2: Discover the receiver gadget in the sender's phone and pair it. Choose the desired file from the gallery and tap the send option to start the file transfer process between gadgets.

Thus, you had an effortless file transfer from one phone to another using the Snapdrop application. It is like Bluetooth connectivity and it helps to transfer huge file sizes easily.

snap drop

Part 2: Real User Reviews of Snapdrop

Top Positive Review

  1. The customer feels happy and at ease sharing files between devices.
  2. There are no servers and limits in this transfer process.
  3. The transfer procedure is encrypted with TLS thereby providing utmost safety features to the data involved in this process.
  4. The compatibility with the major platforms surprises the users.

Top Negative Review

  1. Few users felt that they witnessed data loss while handling more than 15 files at a time. Data loss during the transfer process is pointed out by some of the customers using this Snapdrop program.
  2. The failure of bulk transfer seems to be one of the top criticisms of Snapdrop by its users.
  3. While trying to transfer more than 100 images from one device to another there is the possibility to lose nearly 20 images. Only 80 pictures are stored in the destination gadget.
  4. It annoys the user when using Snapdrop to handle huge amounts of files for professional and personal use.

Part 3: The Top Snapdrop Alternatives

Are you excited to discover the best Snapdrop alternatives to perform file transfers between gadgets hassle-free? You can connect with the below-discussed tools to get the best experience.

AirDroid Personal

The AirDroid Personal app is the best file sharing app suite that helps users to carry out a wide range of tasks like file transfers, remote control, screen mirroring,  and SMS management. It is a simple program that works efficiently despite external pressure. You can use this app to move files from one device to another without any data loss.

The transfer takes place at a faster rate despite the file sizes. It offers a complete solution for your mobile needs and supports all the versions of this program. The easy interface encourages the users to work on it comfortably without any hesitations.

The key features of the AirDroid Personal

  • The Nearby feature option enables the users to move the files across devices effortlessly.
  • Monitor the gadgets remotely by using the remote-control feature of this program.
  • Visualize the displays on a bigger screen with the help of the screen mirroring option.
  • Manage the SMS and other notifications from social media platforms by enabling the sync modules in this application.
  • The user-friendly interface highlights the controls with high visibility for easy reach.

These are the incredible functionalities of the AirDroid Personal application and you can connect with this program to discover more options related to phone management.

airdroid personal

Send Anywhere

It is an easy file-sharing tool with an excellent environment and reliable controls. You can send the files wherever you want without any issues. The Send Anywhere tool offers users to share files across gadgets in two different methods. The first method involves pairing the device using the 6-digit key and then sending the files hassle-free.

The second way is to generate links and share the files through them. The Chrome extension of this tool allows users to attach large files in the transfer process.

send anywhere

Share Drop

It is a web version of a file transfer tool that helps to move the file directly between gadgets. You can use this program to share files across devices connected to the same network or different one effortlessly. Choose the device and drag-drop the file to carry out the transfer process. The Share Drop is an easy way to transfer files.

Easy to share the file and allows you to handle even complex files precisely. The whole transfer procedure completes quickly and it happens without any data loss.

share drop

Part 4: Other Helpful Transfer Tools Like Snapdrop

If you are looking for other innovative transfer tools that work like Snapdrop, then the below discussion enlightens you with better insights. These tools are reliable and you can use them overall to meet your file transfer needs across gadgets.


ShareMe is an efficient file transfer tool and is compatible with Android devices. It quickly shares media files, documents, and large-sized programs easily. You do not have to connect with the network while performing the file transfer process. It is enough if you launch this application in both the sender and receiver device and spot them to carry out the transfer process. This app quickly moves files from one device to another flawlessly.

share me


The ToffeeShare is a precise tool with excellent security features in protecting the data that involves in the transfer process. It adopts high-end encryption techniques and ensures the procedure takes place without any interruptions. This app does not fix any size limit for the files to transfer across gadgets. It serves as one of the best peers to peer file-sharing programs. This app chooses the shortest path to reaching the destination device thereby completing the transfer process at a faster rate.

toffee share


Here comes another impressive file-sharing program NitroShare. This app has a simple design and works cross-platform hassle-free. This app is well known for its simplicity and speed. This program runs on different platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is an open-source program and helps users with flawless file transfers.

nitro share

Part 5: Detail Comparison Between 6 Tools

AppEncryptionOS SupportExtra Features
AirDroid PersonalYesWindows, macOS, Web, Android, iOSNearby Features, Remote control, screen mirroring, and managing SMS and notification
Send AnywhereEncryptedAndroidQuick file transfer through 6- digit code and links
Share DropEnd-end encryptionWeb appNo downloads to use this app.
ShareMeEnd-end encryptionAndroidCompatible with all file formats and assists in fast transfer.
ToffeeShareEncryptedWeb appUser-friendly interface
NitroShareEnd-end encryptionWindows, macOS, and LinuxSupports cross-platform file transfers.


Thus, this article has given you valuable insights on the best Snapdrop alternatives. Choose the methods that match your needs and connect to them for better file transfer between gadgets. The AirDroid Personal application helps you to perform unique operations across devices and serves as a complete solution for your mobile requirements. Stay tuned to this article to explore impressive programs that aid in flawless mobile management.


Why isn't Snapdrop working?
When the connected gadgets play in different networks interrupts the smooth operation of the Snapdrop program. Sometimes, there might be no space in the destination gadget to store the received files. The Snapdrop app may be outdated and hence try looking for a new version of this tool to fix these issues.
Is Snapdrop safe to use?
Yes, Snapdrop is safe to use and you can establish a connection between devices through a local network and start transferring the files hassle-free. It is a reliable app and adopts encryption techniques to protect the transferred files flawlessly.
Snapdrop vs AirDrop, what is the difference?
The compatibility features of Snapdrop are appreciable when compared to AirDrop. Snapdrop works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and the web effortlessly without any issues whereas AirDrop focus on the iOS platform.
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