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[6 Ways] How to Track a Phone without a SIM Card

Elsa Updated on Sep 1, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

Have you recently lost your phone and want to track it down, but it's an Android and doesn't have a SIM card? Don't worry because we have it all figured out for you!

Our phones are one of the most common things we lose daily, but tracking them down can get more complicated if the phone does not have a valid SIM card. If it does, the process is easy. You ring it up, and you'll hear it somewhere around you

However, the main question arises whether you can track an iPhone or Android phone without a SIM card. The answer to that is a simple yes!

This post will explore practical methods to track a phone without a SIM card. Let's get started.

can a phone be tracked without a SIM card

Part 1: Is It Possible to Track a Phone without a SIM Card?

The common question that arises here is, "Can a phone be tracked without a SIM card?"

The short answer is yes! The phone can be tracked if it does not have a SIM card. However, it may not be as simple as it seems because, in some cases, you have to take pre-measures, and in other cases, you have to rely on your phone to be active or connected to the internet. 

All phones, whether iPhone or Android, can be tracked down without a SIM card or network. Still, they will need to have a secure Wi-Fi connection or mobile hotspot to be accurate.

Below, we have explained some steps that are quite widely used and have proven to be a good way to find a lost phone without a SIM. 

Part 2: Steps to Follow If You Have Just Lost Your Phone

If your phone has recently lost or been stolen, the first thing you need to do is call your phone carrier and inform them about the situation to cancel your SIM and your phone. Cancelling the SIM prevents unauthorized people from making calls. While the phone is cancelled, no intruder would be able to access your data, which keeps your privacy maintained.

Blocking the phone can be done using third-party apps, and in an emergency, a request can be made to the carrier. Although you need to know the device's IMEI number to proceed with the blockage, you can find this number at the back of the device box you got when you first bought the phone.

IMEI number

Contact the transporter's client assistance when you lose your SIM card, as it were. The individual on the opposite side will initiate a square to stop any calls and messages going through to your telephone number. Assuming there's anything pressing that needs consideration, they might have the option to give an estimated area given GPS directions or cell tower triangulation, too.

Part 3: Track a Phone without a Sim Card via Built-in Tracking Service

As the technology is progressing, we have seen that Android is making good use of it when it comes to security, and in each and every update, we can see and feel that the howler that was present before is either improved or removed for good. There are some built-in features for both Android and IOS, so let's discover what they are and how you can use them.

1. Track an Android Phone Using Google Find My Device

Set up and access the 'Find My Phone' feature on the Android device, and you'll be able to track your other Android phone, which is lost. If Wi-Fi is working on both ends or if the device is network-enabled, you'll be able to find it on Google Maps or through GPS. You will need to authorize the Find My Phone feature on the app beforehand.

Google Find My Device

How to Track a Phone without a SIM Card via Find My Device

  1. Step 1.From any browser, go to and enter your login details.
  2. Step 2.Select your device (if you have multiple devices, select the one that is lost).
  3. Step 3.You will get a notification on your map of where the device is, and a notification will be sent to that device.
  4. Step 4.The location will be as near as possible but not highly accurate.
  5. Step 5.If the device is off, you will see its last location.

Once this happens, you can:

  • Play sound for a full 5 minutes on loud volume, even if it is on silent or vibrate.
  • Lock it with a PIN code.
  • Permanently delete all data.

2. Using Find My iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can follow these steps to track a phone without a sim card.

How to Track a Phone without a SIM Card via Find My iPhone

  1. Step 1.Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  2. Step 2.You can select your device or choose the items tab.
  3. Step 3.To find the device on the map, select the gadget or item. The devices in your group can be found if you are a member of a Family Sharing group.
  4. Step 4.From maps, you can select its location and follow it.

3. Using Samsung Find My Mobile

There is a reason Samsung is the market leader when it comes to Android phones, and one of the reasons is its secure features. Their very own Find My Phone feature is quite effective, and below is the way you can use it:

Track a Samsung Phone without a SIM Card via Find My Mobile

  1. Step 1.Open Samsung Find My Mobile.
  2. Step 2.Log into your account.
  3. Step 3.Select the phone you want to track.
  4. Step 4.You will be able to view information such as the time it was used and the city where it was last located.

how to track Samsung phone without a SIM card

Part 4: Track a Cell Phone via Google Maps

A quick and straightforward way to locate a device connected to the Wi-Fi is by calling from another phone connected to the Wi-Fi through an app with the calling facility available without needing a stable network. This way, you can hear it ringing and follow the sound leading to the device.

Track a Cell Phone Via Google Map

On the other hand, you can download applications like Google Maps and directly track your device. However, you'll need to log in through a Gmail account; there is no hassle in creating one, so go ahead and try that alternative. And if that doesn't work out for you, you can go to 'find my phone if you have your GPS activated and retrieve your coordinates from another device.

For more accurate results, call the phone at the same time every day for better signal strength to get a vague idea of where the device is located.

Part 5: Track a Phone with Phone Tracking Apps

1. What Are Phone Tracking Apps?

Many individuals use the following applications to monitor their children, mates, and workers. These apps allow you to check the device's location through proximity to see if it has a network or is connected to a Wi-Fi device. However, there are limitations to this as well.

The apps don't work when switched off, for example, on school grounds, because most schools require students to shut off their phones. It could seem like an attack on security or a breach of privacy. Yet, studies have shown that most guardians feel more secure knowing where their kids are consistently since Kidnappings regularly occur.

The application will chip away at any Android phone running OS variant Lollipop or more current iOS gadgets with an operational information plan for following their area when they're not associated with Wi-Fi. The arrangement cycle is a lot simpler utilizing Android since it approaches your gadget's IMEI data, which means you will not need to physically enter a portion of the more confounded network settings.

2. Track a Phone with AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control is an app that allows you to find other devices with or without a working SIM. It is pretty straightforward to use and gives you all the features you need in one place.

Having AirDroid Kids installed on the device you lost is all you need to find it again. To locate that device, you can install the Airdroid Parental app on another phone and put in your credentials, including the privacy password, and you'll be in.

 AirDroid Parental Control

On the app, click on the 'find phone icon, and you'll be requested to enter your password again for security reasons. You will see four options there;

Real-time Location Tracker: Track the current location of the lost phone.

Remote Monitor: Watch and hear the surroundings of the phone.

Instant Alert: Get instant alerts if the phone has been offline for a long time or is low battery.

Overall, it is an excellent app to locate or lock your phone in instances where you lose it. All your data and privacy are maintained.

Part 6: Track a Phone with Gmail or Google Account

If the phone without a SIM card has logged in to your Google account, Google will record your location. You can use your Google account or Gmail to find the latest location of your phone on Google Chrome.

  1. Step 1.Open your Google Account.
  2. Step 2.Go to the Security section.
  3. Step 3.Scroll down to your device.
  4. Step 4.Click Manage all devices.

Google account find a lost device

Part 7: Track a Phone via Social Media Platform

Some social media apps have a feature that allows sharing of location. If your phone, even without a SIM card, maintains a network connection and has location sharing enabled on any of these apps, or is in the process of sharing its location, then it can be found through the location services of these apps.


  1. Step 1.Open WhatsApp.
  2. Step 2.Open the chat that sent you the location-sharing link.
  3. Step 3.Click the link to view its current location on WhatsApp.

see location on WhatsApp


  1. Step 1.Open Snapchat.
  2. Step 2.Go to Snap Map and see the current location of the phone.

Snapchat Map

Part 8: Track a Phone via IMEI Number

In the unfortunate events where you don't have a Wi-Fi connection either, then, at that point, there are as yet a couple of choices accessible for following that area.

Using IMEI Number:

If you know the IMEI number of the lost phone, it will be easy to track the phone using the IMEI number. You can search "online IMEI trackers free" on Google.

Check with Your Supplier:

It will be feasible for suppliers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless to give a stable connection through tower networking.

Contact the Manufacturer:

If your following requirements are more earnest, contact the suppliers' client care line and inquire whether they can give a surmised area because of GPS directions or cell tower triangulation.

FAQs about Tracking a Phone

Can You Track a Phone with Just The Number?
Depends on what number you have; if we talk about the device number, which is more popularly known as the IMEI or ESN number, it won't work. However, if it's a sim card number, you can call the device and locate it.
Can You Track A Phone If It's Switched off?

No, you can install a few apps on your phone beforehand if you think you can lose it. Still, people are often irritated by these apps because they consume a lot of battery and power. Usually, a phone can be located if it's on, but when the phone is switched off, with no sim card inserted, there may not be a way to find your missing phone.

Even if you contact your phone carrier company, they might not be able to help you. Because, aside from generating your phone bills, they are not authorized to gather your device's location information. And if on-demand they do, they will get signals of the place where your device was last switched on.

How Can I Trace a Call Location?

There are many ways to trace calls, primarily through apps. However, stable Wi-Fi is required to access these apps, which is worth it considering you can know where you are getting calls from and avoid scams or suspicions. There are a lot of popular apps equipped with this feature on the play store. You can access the name and carrier of the user calling or spamming you with messages, along with the feature of blocking any number and device from which they are calling.

It's essential to note that these administrations might have their protection approaches and terms of administration that might not be the same as your own supplier's.

How to Track a Sim Card without It Being in The Phone?

Because each sim has a distinctive ICCID number that is not trackable if not on a working device. So it isn't possible to track the sim without it on the phone.

On the contrary, an IMEI number can be tracked down without a sim, and you can get this number from your phone or by dialling *#06#.

Can You Track a Phone That Has No Service?
Yes, you can track the phone as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Can the Police Track Your Phone If It’s Off?
If a phone is off, it typically can't be tracked. But in emergencies, law enforcement might locate it based on its last known location.
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