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How to Record a Phone Call on Samsung? [Detailed Guide]

Elsa Updated on Mar 9, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

How to record a phone call on Samsung? One of the best features Samsung Galaxy devices offer is the natively-available call recording option. This built-in feature in Samsung mobiles enables businesses to stay organized, improve their business tactics, and help common people avoid scams and threats and manage their memos.

record phone calls Samsung

1Is It Legal to Record Phone Calls on Samsung?

There is no one-word answer to this question as it depends on various factors and considerations.

Google announced to block recording calls from May 2023, explicitly restricting third-party apps as they gain access to Accessibility API and allow users to record calls. Google says the Accessibility API is not designed that way.

But like Xiaomi. Realme, Pixel, etc., the tech giant has also put an end to the question of how to record on Samsung phones and has given call recording options in their OEM because it does not violate Google’s Policies. But there is no open license for every country, and also, you will require Android 9 or a later version to use the feature.

In short, it is legal to record calls on Samsung provided that the policies and limitations comply with your current residing situation.

2How to Record a Phone Call on Samsung in the Phone App?

1To Record Phone Call Automatically

Step 1: Open the Phone app and click the three-dot menu.

Step 2: Now go to the Settings. Click Record Calls. Now click Record calls automatically.

auto record calls

Step 3: Not hit the toggle on top to enable Auto-record On. Select from the record All Calls, Unsaved Numbers, or Selected Numbers. Now, your calls will be recorded.

Note: You may need to permit the start to record calls

1To Record Phone Call Manually

Step 1: Open the Phone app and make/receive a call.

 record a phone call manually

Step 2: Click Confirm to accept Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Now tap Record Call to start recording. If you do not see the button, click the three-dot menu and then click Record Call.

3How to Record Phone Calls by Using Call Recorder Apps?

1AirDroid Call Recorder

The AirDroid Parental Control App is one of the most genuine, professional, and feature-loaded apps to record your calls. This app's One-Way Audio feature allows you to record your child's voice while on the phone, record surrounding noises/sounds, and send them to the parent's mobile phone. This feature is convenient when parents do not need to stare at the screen but listen to what's happening in their child's room. This way, the parent does not have to leave all their work and watch the screen all the time.

AirDroid Parental Control logo

Some additional features like Screen Time Control, Game Blocker, and Schedule. Location tracker etc., allows parents to control their child's activities fully.

Follow the below steps to download and connect devices:

  • Download and Install the AirDroid Parental Control App on your device.
  • Open the app, create the account and log in.
  • Now download AirDroid Kids on your child’s target phone and tweak some settings. 
  • Enter the code on both devices to connect the devices. You will be able to see the device screen of the targetted device, and you can record a phone call on your kid's Samsung device.

AirDroid One-Way Audio feature

 Once done, follow the below steps to enable One-Way Audio:

  • First, grant permission to access the microphone so that you can hear the background noise.
  • Now click on the icon One-Way Audio.
  • That’s it. One-Way Audio is enabled, and you can now listen to the background noise from the targetted phone and record the audio of a phone call you need. 

2Google Voice

This is the official and hassle-free call recording app. You can also record incoming calls here free from one free phone number and voice mail services

google voice

This is how to enable call recording in Google Voice:

  • Go to the Google Voice homepage in your Internet browser. Click Settings gear at the top right.
  • Click Calls. Go to Incoming Call Options and enable it. Now you can record calls.
  • When you receive calls, press 4 to alert the caller that their call is being recorded. Press 4 again to stop recording. All the recorded calls are stored and accessed from the Google Voice website. 

3Automatic Call Recorder

The next great and most popular call recording app is Automatic Call Recorder. This app is widely used to record calls from both sides. You can customize the appearance theme, record incoming and outgoing calls, adjust call recording volume and save specific call recordings automatically or manually.

automatic call recorder

This is how to use the app:

  • Download and install Automatic Call Recorder. Click to agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Grant permission to Automatic Call Recorder to record phone calls, access media files, and save recorded calls to your mobile. Click on the Done option.
  • Now hit the three-dot icon at the top-right. Hit Settings.Tap Recording Mode. Enable the Automatic option; now, you can record incoming and outgoing calls. 

4How to Use the Phone App Setting to Record Different Phone Calls?

There are multiple “genuine” ways to record phone calls. Depends on your purpose. You can record a phone call on Samsung for business purposes like identifying problem areas, maintaining quality assurance, and also use it for personal reasons such as recording voice memos and threats to file complaints against the caller.
So if you want to record phone calls on Samsung, this is how to do it in different scenarios:

1Record Phone Calls from Unknown Numbers

Step 1: Launch the Phone app and click the More option at the top-right section.

Step 2: Hit Settings. Click Call Recording.

Step 3:In Always Record, select numbers not in your contacts.

record phone calls from unknown numbers

Step 4:Finally, click Always Record.

1Record Phone Calls from Selected Contacts

Step 1: Open the Phone app, at the top right, click More options.

Step 2: Go to Setting, hit Call Recording.

Step 3: In Always Record, click Selected numbers, enable Always Record Selected Numbers.

record phone calls from selected numbers

Step 4: Tap Add at the top right.

1Record an Individual Call

Step 1: Open the Phone app.

Step 2: Make or receive a call.

Step 3: Now, on the ongoing screen, click Record.

record an individual call

Step 4: Click Stop Recording to stop the call recording.

5How to Find and Share Call Recordings in Samsung?

You can find your recorded calls in Samsung via the following steps:

  • Open the Phone and click the Three dots icon.
  • Click Settings. Tap Record Calls.
  • Click Recorded Calls. 
  • find recordings

  • Here, you will find all your call recordings. 
  • Long press your recorded calls then you can share them. 


You can record phone calls on Samsung devices by built-in feature or third-party apps. The paid apps to record calls as Airdroid Parental Control, allow you more control over the recording feature. But for those who need to record their calls, Samsung provides a tremendous natively-available feature and thus puts an end to the question of how to record a phone call on Samsung.

FAQs about Recording Phone Calls

How to Record a Call on Samsung without an App?
There is a built-in feature in Samsung that does not require another app to record calls. You can either record calls manually or automatically. In the Phone app, go to Settings, Hit Record Call, and select to record manually or automatically. (Refer to details mentioned above)
How Do you Know If Someone Is Recording Your Call?
You may receive a message that your call will be recorded; a regular beeping noise indicates the call is recorded during a call. The most direct way to verify your call is recorded by asking the person if they are recording your call.
 Can I Record with my Samsung Galaxy Phone?
Yes, you can. All Samsung Galaxy Phones have built-in call recording. For a more added feature, you need to purchase a third-party app.
How to Delete a Recorded Call on Samsung?

Step 1: Open My Files.

Step 2: Go to Internal Storage.

Step 3: Now click on the Calls folder.

Step 4: Here, you can delete your desired calls.

How Do I Record Audio on my Samsung Phone?
You can record audio on your Samsung phone via the Voice Recorder app. It's a default app available on all Samsung mobile phones.
How to Enable Samsung Galaxy S9 to Record Phone Calls?

This is how Samsung Galaxy S9 record phone calls:

Step 1: Go to the Phone app and make a call.

Step 2: During the call, press the three-dots option in the menu screen.

Step 3: Select Record.

Step 4: Accept Terms and Conditions. Your call will be recorded.

How to Enable Automatic Call Recording on Galaxy S22 Series Devices?

Step 1: Open the Phone app. Click the three-dots menu icon.

Step 2: Select Settings. Click Record Calls.

Step 3: Enable Auto Record Calls options (for automatic recording).

Step 4: Click Confirm button on the Terms and Conditions pop-up message.

Step 5: Once the toggle button is activated, click to toggle On.

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