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How to Set up Messenger Kids Parental Control

Elsa Updated on Oct 24, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Social media has gradually become integral to everyday life, especially for kids and teenagers. There are several social media apps, but none is as popular as Facebook. Facebook has now introduced a messenger app for kids from 6-12 years.

The Messenger kids is a free messaging app with parental control features. It allows kids to digitally communicate and stay in touch with their friends and family from a controlled online environment. It also allows parents to manage and control their kid's messenger accounts from their Facebook accounts.

set up messenger kids parental control

Wondering how to set up messenger kid's parental control? This post contains the answer. Read on to find out more!

Messenger Kids Build-in Parental Control Features

1See Recent Contacts And Chat History

Parents can see whom their kids are messaging with the recent contact and chat history. Both video and chats. Parents can also see how frequently their kids chat with said contact over the last 30 days.

2See Images In Chats

Another parental control feature in messenger kid's app is seeing images in each chat. In each chat, you can see recent images, both sent and received. You can also remove the said image if you deem it inappropriate. You can also report the image.

3Report And Block Messenger Contacts

You can report and block specific contacts from the parent dashboard on your kid's messenger app. Also, when your child blocks a contact, a separate list is shown for such contacts. A separate list is also created for contacts they've reported. When they also unblock the blocked contact, you'd get notified.

4Sleep Mode

With the sleep mode, you can set the time and day you want your kids to use the app. The sleep mode parental control aims to limit addiction to the app.

5Remote Device Log-out

The remote device log-out lets you see all the devices your child's messenger is logging in. You can also log your child's account out from any device from the parent dashboard.

5Download Account Information

This feature allows you to request a copy of your child's messenger account information. This information includes; their contact list, sent/received messages, and media messages. But when your request to download your child's information, they will be notified of this request.

Create a Messenger Kid's Account for Your Child

Kids below 13 are not allowed to use or own a Facebook account. But with the new Facebook messenger kid's app, kids of 6-12 years can stay online. However, it is not with the supervision of a parent or guardian. You can create messenger kids account for your child from your account. to do that;

  • Download the messenger kid's app from the App Store or Google play store on your child's device.
  • Open the app and tap "confirm."
  • Type in your Facebook account detail and select "authorize the device."
  • Type in the preferred username and select "continue" to create their account
  • Add a profile picture and choose a color for the app.
  • Tap "continue," and you are done.

Alternatively, you can create an account for your child from your Facebook account.

  • Login to your account
  • Tap "messenger kids" from the left-hand side menu
  • Select "create another account" for the "account you manage" option
  • Add your child's name and click "Continue" to create their account.

When you create a messenger kid's account for your child, you can also edit their profile.

  • From the "Accounts, you manage" option
  • Choose the target kid account and select "control."
  • Select "edit info." Tap "save" after making the adjustments.

How to Manage Contacts On Your Child's Messenger Kids

The messenger kid's app gives you a form of control over your kid's account since they authorize it. You can manage the contacts on their messenger account from your dashboard.

1Monitor Accepted Or Declined Friends Request In Friending

The messenger kids app lets you choose how friend request (friending) works. There are two options;

Your child can choose their contacts.

With this option, they can accept or decline friend requests independently. But you will be notified. However, you can also add and block contacts on their accounts.

Only you can choose their contacts.

The child cannot accept or decline a friend request in this option. Only you can do that from your account.

To access the friending option;

  • Go to the menu option in your account
  • Navigate to "messenger kids."
  • Select the child's name
  • Choose "they can't choose contact."
  • Choose the preferred friending option and tap "save."

2Add And Remove Contacts For Your Child

Regardless of the friending option you set on the account, the messenger kid's app allows you to be involved in adding or removing contacts from their child's account. However, they can only do it remotely from their dashboard.

To add a contact, open the Facebook app;

  • Go to the menu at the top right
  • Navigate to "messenger kids."
  • Select your child's account and select "contacts."
  • Tap "choose people" to add a contact for your child
  • Select "add" to add the contact.

To remove a contact;

  • Select "next" on the contact.
  • Select "remove" to remove the contact.

Alternatively, you can do all these from the Facebook desktop site.

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to "news feeds" and "explore."
  • Select "messenger kids" from the option
  • Choose the child's account
  • Select "choose contact" to add a person or click "next" to remove them.

If none of your child's friends are on messenger, you can invite them to use the app. Their parent/guardian will receive the invite on their behalf.

3Use Codes to Add Friends

The code on the app is a four-word code your child can share with friends. The said friend can request permission to chat with your child with this code. They can also find friends on the app with the code and add them.

  • Open the app and tap your child's profile
  • The four-word code is visible below their profile picture
  • Tap the code to copy it

You can share this code with other with others to add them, to do that;

  • Navigate to "add a friend" on the messenger kid app
  • Type the code and select "ask to chat."

4Help Your Kid Connect With More Friends

The "connect with more friends" feature will make your child's profile visible to others when you activate it. Friends of friends, from your end and their end, and children of those you want to invite to the app will see your child's profile. They can then request to add your child as a friend.

To activate this feature;

  • Open the Facebook app and navigate to "messenger kids."
  • Choose your child's profile and tap "control."
  • Select help + your child's name + connect.
    For instance, if your child's name Is Jane, it will be displayed as "help Jane connect."
  • Select "Next" to allow your child's friends-of-friends to request a chat.

5Block Someone

You can only block someone from your dashboard, but your child can block them from the messenger app. If you want to block someone from the messenger kids app, you may need to ask to see their mobile device.

  • On the messenger app, scroll to the contact you want to block
  • Tap their profile picture for more option
  • Navigate to "block."
  • Select "block" to block them from contacting the account

When your child blocks a contact from their account, a separate list is created for those contacts. You can see this list from your end in the dashboard.

How to Monitor Activity of Messenger Kids

1Download Your Child's Information

You can access this option/feature from your dashboard. The downloaded information contains all the account activity, including the chatting history, the chatting frequency with a particular contact, and the pictures and video sent/received. When you request to download your child's information, they get notified of your request.

  • Select the menu option from the top of your Facebook page.
  • Select the preferred child's contact and tap "control" from the options.
  • Select "download information" and choose the information you want to download.
  • Select "create file" to download.

2Monitor And Remove Images of Your Child Account

Images sent and received by your child can be removed from their account using the activity tab on your dashboard. Any image you remove will also be removed from your view in your account. However, the person at the other end of the chat will still see the image unless their parent removes it too.

  • Go to the Facebook app on your device and tap on the option
  • Navigate to "messenger kid" and select the profile of the child
  • Go to "images in chats" from the options provided to view the images
  • Tap on any image you want to remove from the account
  • Select the icon option at the top corner of the image and tap "remove the image."

3View Activity Report

You can view your child's activity report from the activity tab on your dashboard. The activity tab monitors how your child uses the app, whom they chat with, and their contacts. to access the activity tab;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device
  • Tap the menu icon and navigate to "messenger kids."
  • Select the target profile. From there, there are three options available.
  • Select the "activity tab."

The parent dashboard is organized into activity, control, and contacts. The contact tab is to add/remove contacts. The control option is to add parental control and additional parents/guardians. Under the activity tab, you'd find; images in chats, groups, reported/blocked contacts, etc.

However, there is a limit to what you can see/do from the dashboard. You can only;

  • Add/remove contacts
  • Supervise friending
  • Edit their profile
  • Download their activity
  • Schedule sleep mode
  • Remove images

A better option is the Airdroid Parental Control. It offers a more comprehensive parental control option. Like daily usage reports, screen time management, sync incoming messages, mirror kid's screen, location tracking, etc.

Airdroid Parental Control Dashboard

How to Schedule Usage of Messenger Kids

1Set Up Sleep Mode

The sleep mode allows you to schedule when the app will be used to minimize addiction. Your child cannot use the app when the sleep mode is activated. You can set when the sleep mode is activated and when you want it deactivated. It could be within hours or days. to set up the sleep mode;

  • Tap the menu option from the top corner of the Facebook app
  • Select messenger kids from the options
  • Choose the preferred kid account
  • Tap "control" from the tab and select "sleep mode."
  • Turn on the toggle button for when you want the sleep mode activated. It could be on weekdays or weekends.
  • Set the start and stop time, and you are done.

You can also set up the sleep mode from the desktop site. Go to news feed >> explore. Follow the same procedure as above.

2Log Off Child Account from Another Device

It is possible for your child to log in to their messenger kids account on several devices at once. Also, their account may still be on if they no longer use the device. You can log off your child's account from such devices remotely. However, the child has to be online to log out of the device. to do that;

  • Navigate to "messenger kids" from the top corner menu icon on your Facebook app
  • Select the child's profile
  • Choose "log out of devices" from the "control" option
  • Tap "log out" from the front of the device

3Delete Kids Account

The same way you authorized their account, you can delete it too if you don't want them using the app. You can do that from your dashboard. to delete the account;

  • Select "control" from the kid's profile under the "messenger kids" option.
  • Choose "edit info" and select "delete account."
  • Choose "delete" to confirm the action.

Airdroid Parental Control app is the ultimate solution to better schedule app usage for your child. It monitors several social media apps and platforms to protect your child from online dangers. The screen time management and app blocking options help parents to set limits on apps their kids access.


Messenger kid is a good option for parents who want a safer online environment for their kids. But for more online protection, you need a parental control app. Airdroid Parental Control app is one of the best parental control apps tested. It has features that ensure the total protection of your kids online.

Apart from the messenger kid's app, it does other social media monitoring for apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat, etc. It also manages the device, monitor text messages, calls, and media file, take screenshots and record the device environment remotely. It also blocks apps and websites.

Airdroid Parental Control app is available for free download. Try it out for free today!

FAQs about Messenger Kids Parental Control

How Do I Put Parental Control on My Kid's Messenger?

You can put parental control on your kid's messenger from your Facebook account. Your dashboard has options for you to do that. 

  • Select the menu option on your Facebook app.
  • Navigate to the messenger kid's icon.
  • Choose the profile of the target child you want to manage.
  • From there, you can see their activity, manage their contacts, and schedule the app usage.
Can Both Parents Control Kids' Messenger?

Yes, more than one parent can control a kid's messenger. But first, additional parents must be added. To do that,

  • Select messenger kid's from the menu option.
  • Navigate to the messenger kid's icon.
  • Choose the profile of the target child you want to manage.
  • From there, you can see their activity, manage their contacts, and schedule the app usage.
Can Parents See What You Send On Messenger Kids?
Parents can see what you send on messenger kids from their dashboard. They can request to download your account information which includes; your chats and friend list sent/received messages. Also, you cannot delete any history on messenger kids. So, parents can see what has been sent.
How Can I Monitor My Child's Facebook?
You can monitor your child's Facebook from the parent dashboard. The dashboard has parental control features to help you monitor your child's Facebook. Alternatively, you can monitor your child's Facebook with a parental control app. AirDroid parental control is the best choice parental control app to monitor your child's Facebook.
Can a Parent Delete Messages on Kids Messenger?
With messenger kid's app, kids cannot delete messages from chats. But parents can delete messages on kids' messenger. They can do that from their dashboard. If any sent/received message or image is considered inappropriate, they can delete the message from their kid's messenger app.
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