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Detailed Guide on How to Cast Zoom Meeting to TV?

Elsa Updated on Oct 11, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Can I cast zoom to my TV?

Yes, you can! Zoom is a great app for your phone or laptop, but what if you want to use it on a big screen? Do you want to watch a class online, participate in a Zoom pub quiz, or just have a bigger view? When it comes to casting Zoom meeting to TV, you have a variety of options - wired or wireless.

The article lists a few effective methods on how to cast Zoom Meeting to TV from iPhone/Android/Windows. Among all methods, AirDroid Cast offers significant screencasting features and is compatible with all devices.

1Why Is There a Need to Cast Zoom Meeting to Bigger Screen? 

When you can't meet your co-workers face-to-face, video conferencing tools can help you. Zoom uses cloud-based technology to let you conduct video/audio conferences, webinars, recording meetings, and live chat. One of the major advantages of Zoom is the ability to schedule meetings using calendar clients. It is possible to install a standalone app for devices such as Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows.

There are multiple benefits of cast Zoom Meeting TV, a few of them are:

  • Expand your meeting audience.
  • Enhance the audio quality.
  • Enhanced viewing experience & picture quality.
  • Relieves eye strain.
  • Suitable for presenting meetings as a Webinar.
  • 2Cast Zoom Meeting to TV with AirDroid Cast

    With AirDroid Cast,you can mirror the screen of your one device on any other device. The web version of the app allows users to cast Zoom meetings to the TV browser without the installation of any app. Its outstanding Zoom meeting assistance features involve two-way audio, multiscreen support, and several ways to control.

    Its growing user base is attributed to its simple user interface and availability of maximum features for free. Users can stream Zoom meetings to TV seamlessly without encountering any loading or error issues. AirDroid Cast enables you to wirelessly cast Zoom meetings across multiple devices locally and remotely.

    How to Cast Zoom Meeting to the TV from iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac?

    1. Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Cast
    2. AirDroid Cast is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also download it directly from the official website.
    1. Step 2. Open the AirDroid Cast web version of on the TV
    2. Enter "" into the search bar of your TV browser, and it will redirect to the web page.

    1. Step 3.
    2. For Android and iPhone:

    3. Open AirDroid Cast on your device and scan the QR code displayed on the screen of your TV. Alternatively, you can enter the cast code manually.
    4. For Windows and Mac:

    5. Open the AirDroid Cast app on your Mac/Windows screen and select the option “Share this computer screen.” A box will appear on your PC/Mac, enter the 9-digits QR code from your TV screen.
      1. Step 4. Allow access to cast
      2. On your TV, you will see a notification asking if you want to allow a connection. Click the allow button and choose to permanently recognize your device.
      1. Step 5. Use Zoom on your TV
      2. Open zoom and join in meeting on your device. Then, the interface will appear on your TV immediately. Now you can start seeing all participants' video streams showing up on your TV screen.
    Note: AirDroid Cast TV has been released in Android smart TVs, which enables you to wirelessly cast to your Android TV from any device, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux and Chromebook. Therefore, if your TV is an Android smart TV (Android 5.0 or higher), follow this guide to mirror to Android TV seamlessly.

    Video tutorial: How to Cast Zoom to TV with AirDroid Cast?

    3Cast Zoom Meeting to TV Using Roku Streaming Media

    Roku was one of the first companies to adopt web-based streaming into a self-contained, app-driven device. With Roku streaming media players, you can easily stream video and audio content on your TV.

    Roku allows users to stream Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and hundreds of other services. It is compatible with a number of devices, including multiple versions of the classic streaming platform, and smart TVs.

    Steps to Cast Zoom to the TV from PC with Roku

    1. Open the “Start menu” and select “Devices”. Tap on “Bluetooth & other devices” settings. Select Add Bluetooth or another device.
    2. In the Add a device window, open Wireless display, or dock.
    3. The next screen shows that your laptop has detected the Roku device (if it's on the same Wi-Fi network). After selecting the device, the Roku device connects initially to another monitor on the TV.
    4. If you are interested in screen mirroring with Roku, you may need to use the Roku remote.

    5. Choose “Change projection mode” and then Duplicate to make Roku duplicate the Zoom meeting screen.

    4Methods to Chromecast Zoom Meetings to the TV from Smartphone and iPad

    Chromecast is one of the simplest ways to cast a Zoom meeting to your TV. It's inexpensive and works with the Google browser as well as the Google Home app for Android and iOS. With Chromecast, you can stream up to 4K resolution audio and video to your TV from your phone/computer. Moreover, you can mirror almost anything else, including Google Photos pictures.

    Here are steps to Chromecast Zoom Meetings to the TV from Smartphone.

    Cast from Android Smartphone

    1. The Android device has a mirroring option that can be used as a workaround. Go to the Notification Panel and find Screen Cast. Open it, and your Chromecast device will appear.
    2. Select your Chromecast device; you can also change settings.
    3. From here, once you make a call, the video will be cast to your TV.

    Note : There's no audio support in Zoom's free version on Chromecast.

    Cast from iPhone/iPad 

    If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you'll need a Chromecast Streamer. With Chromecast Streamer, you can cast Zoom Meetings to Chromecast devices, as Zoom does not have a casting option.

    1. At the top of the Chromecast Streamer app, you'll see a casting logo sandwiched between a settings gear icon and a rocket icon. Select the cast icon.
    2. A screen will appear saying “Connect to Chromecast”. To connect your device, select “connect” in the pop-up menu. A list of options will appear. 
    3. Choose Screen Cast, then Start Mirroring.
    4. On the next screen, select Start Broadcasting. 
    5. You can now cast to your Chromecast device using Zoom Cloud Meeting.

    On your TV screen, you can just watch the participants of the meeting. If you want to show yourself to the audience, keep your laptop webcam in front of you. It will keep you visible to the participants, and you will appear more natural.

    5Final Verdict

    Zoom offers a professional conferencing solution for businesses. There are multiple ways to help you expand your video calling experience on a big TV screen. Casting Zoom Meetings via the Roku app is quite complex and connection may take some time. Chromecast Zoom Meetings may encounter connectivity issues sometimes.

    AirDroid Cast Web is the best way to cast Zoom Meetings on TV, it offers a simple user interface and easy connectivity. This cross-platform app supports all Android/iOS/Mac/Windows platforms, and you can enjoy smooth streaming. 

    Hottest FAQs about Casting Zoom Meeting to TV

    What internet speed do I need to cast a zoom meeting on a TV?
    Zoom requires high-speed internet to cast video calls on TV. For a high-quality video call, you must have 600kbps (up/down) internet speed. A speed of 1.2 Mbps is required for a 720p HD video call. To receive or place a 1080p HD, you must have 1.8 Mbps (up/down) internet speed. 
    How do I cast a Zoom meeting from my iPad to my TV?
    The best way to cast zoom meetings from iPad to TV is via the AirDroid Cast app. Install the AirDroid Cast app on your iPad and open on your TV browser. Scan the QR code that appears on TV and grant the necessary permissions.
    Can Zoom Cloud work on an Android TV?
    Yes! the easiest way to install Zoom on Android TV is to install Aptoide TV market first. Look for the Zoom Cloud Meeting app on the Aptoide market and download and install it. Or you can cast zoom meeting to the TV screen via the AirDroid Cast app.
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