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[Free Download] How to Use Kik on PC in 2023?

Elsa Updated on Apr 28, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Have you heard about Kik messenger for PC before? Or do you want know how to download Kik for PC. If you don’t know how to get Kik on PC , read ahead for the details. After going through this article, you will know the easiest way to get Kik on Windows.

1What Is Kik Messenger

Kik is a free cross-platform mobile messaging app available for both Android and iOS users as well as Windows and Mac computers. This app is highly popular among teenagers and young adults because it lets you remain connected with friends and family members without sharing your phone number.

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Whether it’s WhatsApp or Viber, there are various ways through which one can connect with their circle of friends and family to keep in touch. However, what makes Kik unique is the fact that this app is specifically targeted at teenagers and young adults who want to remain connected with people in their age group.

You can access the Kik Messenger app freely or you go for the paid version. If you’re in for some casual chatting, the free version got you all covered. However, if you don’t want to be interrupted by advertisements, you’ll have to spend $1.99 on a monthly or an annual basis. Kik lets you share videos, texts, images, funny GIFs, emojis, and many other things with your loved ones. With this app, you can also send gifts to close friends and families. Isn’t it a lovely way to show them you care?


  • Voice calls - If you and your loved one have the voice calling feature, you can connect to each other by just tapping on the call button. You can also add the call button to a group chat so you can have a quick catch-up with your friends and family members anytime.
  • VIP messages - With this feature, your important messages get priority over other messages that you receive. You will not miss out on your important messages again with this.

2 Why You Need to Download Kik App for PC?

Kik Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and millions of people use this app daily. The problem is that the Kik Messenger app is available only on mobile devices. However, there are several ways to download Kik Messenger on your Windows.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the Kik App for PC: You can use it for free - Yes, you read that right. It’s completely free download the Kik app for PC. All you need to do is to choose the right method to show this app on your computer. You can stay connected with your loved ones - When you have the access to Kik on your computer, you can stay connected with your family members and friends even when you’re at work or school working on a project.

3How to Use Kik On PC - AirDroid Cast

Casting your screen is a very useful feature for IT professionals who need to provide assistance or training remotely at any moment. You can share your screen with anyone, no matter where you are or what device you have in your hands.

AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast app lets you mirror all the content of your Android device (apps, videos, photos, and everything else) directly to other devices such as PCs, TVs, or projectors anywhere in the world. Once you install and launch AirDroid Cast on two devices, it allows you to mirror your mobile screen to a computer and give access to control it remotely.

AirDroid Cast - cast Android to PC

Let’s see how it works:

Step 1. Download and install Airdroid Cast app free.
Download and then install the AirDroid Cast app on your PC from the official website. Startup the app and then log in to your account of AirDroid Cast to connect Android/iOS and Windows to the same Wi-Fi network.
Step 2. Startup the Cast Request on your Android Device.
To connect both devices and startup the cast request, you will need to enter the cast code shared on your PC to your Android device. Also the QR code can be scanned to register a connection between your devices.

Step 3. Accept the Request of Casting on your PC.
Immediately you click Start Casting on your Android device, “Allow the device XXX to cast its screen on this computer?” will pop up on your PC screen. Click on “Trust this device and never ask me again” if you don’t want this window to continue popping up.

Step 4. Enable Screen Casting Permission for your Device.
After allowing the casting request from your PC, “Airdroid Cast will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your Screen” window will pop up. Then click on ENABLE and Start now button.

Step 5. Enjoy your Kik on your PC.
The mirroring process starts immediately once connected then you can now use your computer to control your Android device, now select the Kik application on your PC screen then log into your Kik messenger and start chatting with your friends and loved ones from your PC.

4 Alternative Way to Use Kik on PC - Emulator


Bluestacks is one of several Android emulators out there, with which you can download and use Android apps on your Personal Computer (PC). You can easily download and install the Bluestacks emulator and Kik Messenger app on your PC by following the steps below:


  1. Visit the Bluestacks website and click "Download". You can easily download and install Bluestacks on your PC by simply following the instructions on the screen.
  2. After installing Bluestacks, open the application and choose "Install App".
  3. Now, search for "Kik" in the search bar and select the application from the list of results. Click "Install" to download Kik to your computer using the Bluestacks emulator.

That's all. You can now use the Bluestacks emulator to run the Kik application on your computer.


LDplayer is another Android emulator that lets you download and use Android apps on your computer. You can easily download and install the LDplayer emulator on your computerbyfollowingthesesteps:


  1. First, visit the LDplayer website and click "Download". Then, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install LDplayer on your computer.
  2. After installing LDplayer, open the application and choose "Install App". Now, search for "Kik" in the search bar and select the app from the list of results.
  3. Click "Install" to download Kik on your computer by using the LDplayer emulator.
  4. You can now use the LDplayer emulator to log into the Kik Messenger application on your Personal Computer (PC).

5 Why do We Choose AirDroid Cast?

AirDroid Cast lets you download Kik on a Personal computer (PC) in a very quick and easy way. The best thing about AirDroid Cast is that it doesn't require configuration or computer knowledge. You just need to follow the instructions and you'll be able to download Kik on PC in a matter of minutes!

However, about emulators like Bluestacks and LDplayer, you will have to spend a lot of time configuring the app to run on your computer or laptop.

Apart from that, AirDroid Cast doesn't take up much space on your computer and works flawlessly on Windows. Therefore, It's one of the most reliable methods.

6Free Tip to Reduce the Size of Kik App?

If you are wondering how to reduce the size of the Kik app so that you can get the app transferred to your computer quickly, you can do so by following a few steps. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. First, download and install the app on your computer.
  2. Launch the app on your computer and select the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Once you select the Settings option, you will see an option that says ‘Advanced’.
  4. Select the ‘Advanced’ option, and you will see the ‘Install Dependencies’ section.
  5. You will find an option that says ‘Install All’. - Select the ‘Install All’ option, and the app will install all the dependencies required to run the app.

7Final verdict

Currently, it is essential to stay in touch with our loved ones. One way of doing so is by using an app like Kik. With this app, you can connect with others through both text and video calls. Plus, with Kik, you can send texts, pictures, videos, and audio, and even create groups with multiple people.

If you don't know how to get Kik on a Personal Computer (PC), then we recommend using AirDroid Cast. This reliable feature allows you to cast your Android phone screen to your computer or laptop computer with ease. With AirDroid Cast, you can easily get Kik on PC computers with no complications whatsoever.

Can Kik be logged in on 2 devices?
If you are wondering how to log in to Kik on 2 devices, the answer is yes. If you are using the same email ID for both the devices that you want to log into at the same time, then you can simply log in to the app on both devices at the same time. Now, if you want to log in both devices with different email IDs, then you will need to create a second account on Kik. But, you will have to make sure that the new account is verified by entering the mobile number and verifying it.
Can you be Anonymous on Kik?
If you are wondering if you can be anonymous on Kik with AirDroid Cast, the answer is ‘yes’. You can log in to the app using an email ID that does not have your name or any identifying information on it. You can even create a new email ID for logging into Kik anonymously. However, if you want to use your own email ID to log in to the app anonymously, you can delete the Kik app from your mobile device and log in to the app using the computer.
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