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How to Mirror MacBook to TV(Any Smart TV)?

Elsa Updated on Feb 7, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

People now watch movies and television shows via live streaming, thus blurring the line between computers and television. Whether you want to watch Netflix or any tutorial, the big-screen TV offers a better viewing experience. When you mirror a Mac to a television, you can browse the worldwide web on a much larger screen. There are only a few effective ways to mirror Mac to TV, the best of them is via AirDroid Cast.

Using AirDroid Cast, you can connect devices in multiple ways, i.e., wirelessly, remotely, via cable, or Airplay. Moreover, it allows users to cast Android/iOS/Windows/Mac screens remotely to any web-browser device without any software installation. This article helps you to enjoy better training, presenting, everyday communication, and entertainment.

Part 1: How to Mirror Macbook to TV Wirelessly? (Local & Remote connection)

AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast offers the benefit of mirroring Mac screen to TV wirelessly. With its simple user interface and multiple features, the app is getting popularity in days. It has fewer memory requirements and offers many screens casting options for free.

The premium version allows users to cast their devices without any boundaries. One of its most useful features is that you can get seamless streaming experience without any errors or loading. AirDroid Cast offers screen mirroring among devices wirelessly via Local & Remote connections.

How to Mirror Mac to TV with AirDroid Cast?

Local Connection:

Here are step-by-step instructions to start mirroring Mac to TV using the AirDroid Cast:

Step 1. Install AirDroid Cast on Mac

Follow the link to download AirDroid Cast on your Mac from its official website Or you may download it from your App store. 

Step 2. Launch the App

Open the AirDroid Cast app on your Macbook.

Step 3. Connect Both devices

Go to the Airdroid Cast webpage “” on your TV browser. On the AirDroid Cast screen of your Mac, there is a button "share this computer screen." Manually enter the 9 digital QR code that appears on your TV to your Mac screen.

Step 4. Cast Mac Screen on TV

It will start casting your Mac screen on TV. Nou you can enjoy playing your favorite Mac apps on TV wirelessly.

Remote connection:

To mirror Mac Screen on TV through AirDroid Cast, you must need to create an account to AirDroid Cast app.

 Create an AirDroid Cast account for Remote casting

For remote connection, you must open the AiDroid Cast app on Mac and Sign up for your account. 

  • Open the AirDroid Cast app and click on the profile link. AirDroid Cast app will ask for your login info.
  • Click on sign out, fill out the form including email and password, and click on sign up. 
  • Check the verification code from the email and enter it to create your account.
  • After creating an account on AirDroid Cast, you must need to update it to access remote connection.

  • Next, follow the above discussed steps (for local connection) to cast your Mac to TV remotely with the premium account.
  • Key Features of AirDroid Cast

    AirDroid Cast utilizes the latest emerging technologies to offer an exceptional user experience. Its multiple screens mirroring features include:

    1. Remote Connection / Casting under the different network
    2. Accessible with most modern browsers
    3. High-Quality Screen mirror with HD infographics
    4. Maximum performance to enhance your screen casting experience
    5. No lags and loading, making the screen casting hassle-free
    6. Outstanding Audio Streaming

    Part 2: How to Mirror Mac to TV via Airplay (Only Apple TV/Airplay 2 compatible smart TV)

    AirPlay allows Apple devices to share media with other devices that support dual screens over a network. Apple AirPlay makes it easy to stream content between Apple devices and even to other AirPlay-compatible devices like smart TVs.

    The AirPlay feature will only work if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Or they must be within Bluetooth range or connected via Ethernet to the same router. AirPlay on Mac allows you to share music, photos, and videos, as well as mirror your entire computer screen on a larger screen.

    2.1 AirPlay System Requirements

    Devices you can “cast from” using AirPlay

    You can Airplay the following devices to other devices: 

    • MacBook Pro (2018 and later versions)
    • Mac Pro (2019)
    • iMac Pro 92017
    • iMac (2019 and above)
    • MacBook Air (All versions starting from 2018)
    • Mac Mini (2020 and above)

    Devices you can “cast on” using AirPlay

    These are the devices to which you can stream any of the above-mentioned devices: 

    • 2ND and 3rd generation Apple TVs
    • Apple TV 4K / Apple TV HD
    • Many popular smart TV brands such as:Amazon Fire TV (2018 and later versions)
      TCL/ Philips / HiSense / Panasonic / LG (2016 and later versions) / Panasonic (2017 and later) / PlayStation 4 & 5 / Roku TVs / Samsung (2017 and later) / Sony A, X, and Z series / VIZIO (2016 & above)

    2.2 How to Mirror Mac to Apple TV (Only Apple TV/Airplay 2 compatible smart TV) ?

    A computer running macOS and an Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled TV can be used to project your laptop screen onto a large screen. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Open the “Control Center” icon in the menu bar. This button is located next to Siri in the top-right corner, after the time.  
  • Control Center( mac )

  • Select Screen Mirroring.
  • Here you’ll see a list of available devices on your network ready to mirror your screen. Select your smart TV from the list. There will be a flash on your screen, and it will appear on your TV after few seconds.
  • Part 3: How to Mirror Macbook to TV (Cabled way)

    Don't worry if you don't have an Apple TV or AirPlay 2 compatible TV. An HDMI cable will allow you to stream the screen from your MacBook to your TV.Any semi-modern Mac may fit to mirror your Mac on TV using an HDMI cable. Mac requirements include:

    • It must have Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, Mini-DVI*, or Thunderbolt port
    • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter that supports audio (costs $10-$15)
    • HDMI cable (costs $5-$20)
    • A modern HDTV with HDMI

    3.1 How to Screen Mirroring Mac to Samsung TV with A Cable?

  • Attach the video cable to the Thunderbolt, HDMI, or DVI port of your MacBook. Connect the other cable terminal to the Samsung TV's video input.
  • Go to the “Control Center” of your Mac and choose "System Preferences". Click on "Displays" and select the option "Default".
  • You can also connect sound from “Control Center” of the Mac. Go to the "System Preferences", and then select "Sound". 
  • Now you’re able to mirror Mac screen and audio to Samsung TV.
  • 3.2 How to Mirror Mac to Apple TV with HDMI?

  • Connect your Mac and Apple TV with an HDMI cable 
  • Select the "Source" button from the TV remote control
  • It will start mirroring your Mac Screen on Apple TV.  
  • Part 4: Mirror MacBook to Your TV with a Set-top Box

    Set-top box enables TV sets to receive and decode digital television broadcasts. It needs HDMI cables to make a connection between your Mac and TV.

    To cast your Mac screen on TV using set-top box, you need to purchase an HDMI cable and set-top box. It costs almost $20-40 to start screen mirroring via set-top box. In addition to being a costly method for screen share, set-top boxes are generally slower.

    If you want to set up a connection using the Set-top box, follow these steps: 

  • Setup the set-top box first and connect the HDMI cable.
  • After connecting the HDMI cable to the box, connect it to the Mac.
  • After connecting the HDMI cable between the set-top box and MacBook, connect it with your TV.
  • It will now be possible for the TV to establish a faultless connection with the Mac. This allows you to easily access the set-top box content on your TV.

    Part 5: How to Make Choice Among Them?

    Here is a comparison of a few things, you must know before choosing a way to mirror the Mac screen on the TV.

      MethodCompatibilityMajor ProLimitationsScreen Mirroring Costs
    AirDroid CastSupport all Android/iOS/Mac/Windows devicesHigh-quality audio and video streamingNot any
  • Free version available
  • Premium version costs $2.45/month
  •  AirplaySupports iOS/Mac devicesQuality Video StreamingDoesn’t support non-Apple devicesFree
      HDMI CableSupport devices with HDMI portAllow Screen Mirroring for old version TVsAuthentication delay causes blank screens$5-20 depending upon the length of the cable
      Set Top box
    Support devices with connectable port High screen resolutionRelatively expensive methodOverall cost is $20-40

    Part 6: Bonus- How to Mirror iPhone/iPad to TV

    AirDroid is a cross-platform app and allows screen casting across multiple devices. Users can cast screens on any TV that can open the browser. It eliminates any issues that might arise when mirroring a screen.

    Here is how you can mirror your iPhone/iPad to TV using AirDroid Cast:

    • Download the AirDroid Cast app from its official website or iOS Play Store on your iPhone/iPad.
    • Open your TV browser and navigate to the Airdroid Cast website "". You’ll see a QR code of TV screen, scan the code from mobile or you may the code manually.
    • Allow the necessary permissions to start streaming mobile screens on TV.
    • You can view your iPhone/iPad screen on a big TV screen using AirDroid Cast. Select your favorite videos and watch them on the TV.

    Part 7: Wrapping up & FAQs about Mirroring Mac to TV

    The article listed a few methods to mirror a Mac screen to a TV including AirDroid Cast, AirPlay, HDMI cable, and set-top box. There are many other ways to mirror a Mac screen to a TV, but the most effective of them is through AirDroid Cast.

    While comparing its screen casting features to others, AirDroid Cast offers exceptional benefits, the most significant of them is remote connection. The ease of connectivity and safe browsing make this app the best solution for all screencasting needs. To decide the best method, you can compare the pros, cons, limitations, and overall costs for each method from the table.

    FAQs about Mirroring Mac to TV

    How can I cast my MacBook Screen to Apple TV?
    The MacBook's menu bar contains an AirPlay icon. If you want your MacBook screen to appear on your TV wirelessly, make sure to have an Apple TV. From the dropdown menu, select the Apple TV you want to connect to. When your TV is connected to the Apple TV input, your MacBook's screen will appear on the screen.
    Can I share my Mac screen with a non-Apple PC?
    Yes! You can share your Mac screen to any device using the AirDroid Cast. The free versions offer the maximum screen mirroring feature. To access and enjoy the remote casting, you can upgrade to its premium version. 
    Why I cannot my MacBook to TV via AirPlay?
    There must be some connectivity issues or internet errors. Try connecting the devices via AirDroid Cast for a better experience.
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