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How to Mirror from Samsung Phone to PC,TV or Tablet?

Elsa Updated on May 27, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Sometimes, people want to mirroring their phone screen to watch shows and movies on a large screen. Students use it for making their presentations more informative and interesting with a large view. Professionals and businessmen use it for their meetings to be more effective.

Here we will specifically discuss the Samsung users that how they can screen mirror on Samsung devices and are best practices for screen mirroring. Let’s have a discussion on different methods for Samsung screen mirroring.

Part 1. How to Screen Mirror Samsung Phone/Tablet to PC/Mac?

Here is the best option that you can choose for Samsung screen mirroring i.e. Airdroid Cast. It is a powerful and simple screen sharing and control tool. Screen-casting from Samsung devices to a PC (Windows/Mac) is supported by AirDroid Cast and you can even operate your Samsung devices from a PC.

samsung screen mirroring

How to use AirDroid Cast to mirror Samsung phone to PC/Mac?

Here are a few steps to know how to display a Samsung phone on a monitor using AirDroid Cast.

Step 1.Installation
Install the application on both your Samsung mobile and the PC by click the download button below or search this app on Google Play Store.
Step 2.Finish connection
There are two connection methods are supported for Samsung phone.

1. WLAN:

You can scan the QR code or enter the cast code that is displayed on your PC. Whether or not your devices are under the same network, they can be easily connected. Because AirDroid Cast supports remote screen mirroring.

2. USB:

Connect your Samsung phone with you PC/Mac through USB cable, follow the instruction to finish some setting. You can finish connection within 2 minutes.

Step 3.Start screen mirroring and controlling
After you have connected both your devices. You can start to enjoy Samsung screen mirroring, if you want to control your Samsung phone on PC, simply click on the hand icon in the left side.

You can now watch Tiktok, and movies and do shopping online by controlling your mobile phone on a PC and you do not need to keep your phone in your hands for this.

These are the reasons we call it the best choice for screen mirroring. Other screens mirroring apps do not have such functionalities as AirDroid Cast possess.

Part 2. How to Screen Mirror Samsung Phone to TV?

Consider displaying your amazing images on a larger screen by connecting a Samsung mobile device to a Samsung Smart TV. See how simple it is to reflect your favorite photographs, movies, presentations, and games on a huge screen to make them appear larger and better.


The basic requirements for mirroring the Samsung device on a TV are detailed below:

  • Latest Samsung mobile device with updated software.
  • Smart TV with Wi-Fi feature is also a necessary condition to perform this method.
  • Here are a few steps to screen mirror a Samsung phone to a TV:

    Step 1.Find out Smart Thing iCon
    Search for the “Smart Thing” icon from the “Quick Panel” of your Samsung device or search it from the Settings tab.
    Step 2.Select your TV
    You will find a list of available devices in Smart Thing Tab. Select your TV name from there to start mirroring.

    screen mirror samsung phone to tv

    Step 2.Start mirroring
    Click on the “Start Now” button to start mirroring the Samsung device on your selected TV smoothly.

    Part 3. How to Screen Mirror Samsung Phone to Tablet?

    You can use the Samsung Flow app to screen mirror your Samsung phone to your tablet without any interruption. This is a very simple and easy way to mirror a screen with just a few steps.

    It also allows you to control the Samsung device on the tablet and can enjoy watching movies, sending text messages, and many other functions that can also be performed from the tablet using the interface of your Samsung mobile.


    Following are the requirements for mirroring screen from Samsung mobile to tablet:

  • Use Wi-Fi direct to connect both the devices.
  • Samsung mobile and tablet with latest updated version is necessary.
  • Download the Samsung Flow app on both the devices to be connected i.e. your Samsung mobile phone and the tablet.
  • screen mirroring samsung

    Follow these steps to mirror the screen using the Samsung Flow app:

    Step 1.Download Samsung Flow App
    Install the application on both your Samsung mobile and tablet from the Google Play Store and launch it.
    Step 2.Connect both the devices
    Use the Wi-Fi direct feature to connect both the devices with each other for screen mirroring.
    Step 2.Start mirroring
    Just after the connection, you will be able to mirror your Samsung mobile screen on the tablet and you can also control it over there.

    Part 4. How to Display Samsung Phone on Monitor via Samsung Dex?

    What is Samsung Dex?

    Samsung Dex is a platform that enables your mobile device to be monitored and controlled on a desktop. It is used for Samsung screen mirroring on PC. You simply need to connect through an HDMI cable and enjoy all your mobile apps on your desktop.


  • An HDMI cable, A Dex cable, or a multi-port adapter.
  • A mouse and a keyboard.
  • A display with HDMI input.
  • A Dex supported Smart Phone.
  • Usage:

    Best for Presentations

    Just with a single click, you can make your audience admire you by showing them a colorful presentations on a big screen. Click on the Dex button and share the screen on the desktop to make it attractive.

    Online Teaching

    Teachers can use it for their remote virtual classes and teach their students with the best quality results and save a lot of time and cost.

    Dual functionality

    The best part of this platform is that you can use your mobile phone for your use and watch a movie on the desktop after sharing it. You can check your emails and several other tasks can be performed.

    How to Use Samsung Dex?

    Step 1.Use a cable to connect the phone
    Firstly, you have to connect your mobile device with a desktop using an HDMI cable or a multi-port adapter. Dex will automatically be connected.
    Step 2.Connect mouse and keyboard
    From the Settings menu connect your mouse and keyboard. If you have a multi-port adapter, you can also use a USB keyboard and mouse.
    Step 2.Start controlling on desktop
    Finally, after connection, you can control your Samsung mobile device on your desktop.

    Part 5. Conclusion

    In this article, we discussed the best screen mirroring methods using Samsung mobile phones and tablets. We discussed different methods for screen mirroring Samsung to PC and TV. After discussing various methods we came to finalize that AirDroid Cast is the best application for screen mirroring. Using this app you can not only mirror your screen but also control the mobile device on your PC having Windows or Mac. Samsung Dex app is also found to be a useful application for screen mirroring but it is a bit complicated as compared to the Airdroid Cast.

    People Also Ask - Samsung Screen Mirroring

    How to Do Samsung Screen Mirroring to TV Wirelessly?

    The Samsung screen mirroring to TV wirelessly is quite easy using any of the applications that you get easily from the Google Play Store. You can also use the Smart Video feature of Samsung mobile devices to mirror the Samsung phone screen on the TV.

    Does Samsung Smart View Still Available?

    No, Samsung replaced its Smart View feature with an app named as SmartThings in October, 2020. It was very obvious that Samsung has to provide something alternative to Smart View to its customers. So, they launched SmartThings.

    How Do You Screen Mirror on SmartThings?

    SmartThings is more advanced technology than the Screen View feature. Screen View was only for mirroring to the TV while the SmartThings is compatible with all home devices. Simply launch SmartThings app on your phone and search the device for connection. It will automatically be connected or you can manually connect it.

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